OneDigital Case Study

Helping OneDigital Humanize Healthcare

A leader in the digital insurance space, OneDigital’s website celebrates the former Digital Insurance and Digital Benefit Advisors merger and rebrand through original imagery, compelling video, and a streamlined design.

OneDigital is the new generation in health care

Challenges & Goals

  • End users are looking for a local insurance expert they can trust. The ability to easily find nearby agencies and local representatives is paramount.
  • Emphasis on thought leadership throughout the website is important for OneDigital to exemplify their knowledge and expertise in the field.
  • With several internal team members managing the website, and timely campaigns building a simple, forward thinking homepage that is easy to manage and update.
  • Simple, forward thinking homepage that is easy to manage and update, as well as the ability to spin up landing pages on the fly.

Visual Strategy

After undergoing a significant merge, Digital Benefit Advisors was ready to relaunch their online presence under a new brand, OneDigital. Creating a website that supported their new brand guidelines was only part of the visual strategy. Branding aside, a key component of the OneDigital brand is demonstrating their “vibe” through large original imagery and videos of their employees. Their strong media made it simple to communicate this “vibe” through the website, providing page layouts and interfaces that accommodate and accentuate the content.

Video Integration

Incorporating compelling video footage of the OneDigital team was an essential piece to showcasing the humanity behind their brand. We worked together to assure the videos incorporated branded website elements for a cohesive experience that reinforced their mission and values. A custom taxonomy in the backend provides the ability to embed videos directly from Vimeo or Brightcove via a video ID on the front end of any pages or posts. Custom styles keep the user on the website when watching a video, for a fully branded experience.

Improved Search Interface

To alleviate the anxiety consumers typically have around understanding health benefits, OneDigital wanted to make sure their website was not only welcoming, but also easy for site visitors to find the help and resources they needed. An auto-complete in-site search strategy allows users to quickly find and contact local OneDigital branches and advisors. With the option to save their preferred location, users are presented with relevant information, news and updates each time they visit the site, creating a personalized experience to further emphasize their exceptional service.

Keeping Users Up To Date

Compliance alerts are frequent and important in keeping consumers up to date with the latest updates in the insurance industry. Using Linchpin’s plugin, Courier, provides the ability for website administrators to alert users with urgent news, compliance updates, or upcoming events on the front end of the website. The notifications can be scheduled out to align with events, such as a national news update, and set to expire when they are no longer relevant.

Additionally, incorporating custom news feeds on landing pages provides the user with frequent updates relevant to a specific topic from reliable, unbiased sources, in addition to the resources and thought leadership from the OneDigital team.

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