Mesh – Page Builder – 1.1.6 Released

Mesh Page Builder for WordPress

Mesh Ver. 1.1.6 This release of Mesh Page Builder brings a bevy of bug fixes and enhancements to our overall process for contributions and releases in the future. Thanks for @desrosj (Jonathan Desrosiers) for his continued involvement in Mesh and helping to more clearly define Contributing.MD along with the automated build process within Thanks to Eric Beltram for his great work on the updated Mesh Logo and as usual thanks to the[…]

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The call is out for Speakers for WordCamp RI

WordCamps in general are events that are near and dear to the Linchpin team. We’re actively involved in organizing, volunteering and speaking at local WordCamps. WordCamp Rhode Island is fast approaching (Sept 25th – 26th) and they are still looking for speakers. If you are interested take look at the speaker signup page or take swing by WordCamp central for more information on topic ideas. Source: The call is out for[…]

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The WordPress Core Team Receives Praise for Their Efforts to Maintain Security

Security is a topic that a lot of our clients don’t necessarily take into account until something bad happens. The WordPress Core team does an amazing job of staying on top of best practices. You can read a breakdown of their efforts over at WP Tavern. You can also check out this article regarding a WordPress security Audit Source : WPTaven The WordPress Core Team Receives Praise for Their Efforts to Maintain[…]

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